"Largest parade of pickup trucks"
5th of November 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Which vehicles are approved to participate on the world record attempt?

    • Vehicles counting towards the total number are Pickup Trucks of the RAM model from the Dodge (until 2009) or RAM Trucks (since 2009) brand. It does not matter if the vehicles are made for a specific job (towing, emergency services, winter service, rescue) or if they carry bodywork like camper tops, tonneau covers etc. Further modification and extreme bodywork like rat builds is allowed. Participants with truck-campers (demountable camper) cannot take the their truck-camper on the track. It has to be left outside the event, for example at the Camping am Nürburgring, please see the question regarding truck-campers on the bottom of the FAQ.

      The principle is simple: The basic vehicle must be a RAM Pickup, special edition models are also allowed to participate. Vehicles from any other manufacturer or RAM Vans, Dodge Dakota etc. unfortunately cannot participate, but we do welcome visitors with vehicles of any brand.
  • Q: Where does the world record attempt take place?

    • The world record attempt takes place on the legendary Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. The lineup of the vehicles is on the racetrack, in the Müllenbachschleife itself, the main place of the whole event. Getting there
  • Q: Is participating free?

    • Since there are so many participants, it became necessary to book the legendary Nordschleife (tourist track) for our parade. To cover the expenses, we need your assistance in the form of an entry fee of 15 Euro per vehicle. It is of course possible to round up and help us out with an extra tip, to ensure the funding of the world record attempt. All earnings are solely used for the world record attempt! All earnings above the necessary level to cover the expenses will be donated.
  • Q: How many vehicles are needed for the record?

    • The last RAM world record has had 451 participating vehicles. We're on the best way to achieve this number, but it won't be enough for a Guinness World Records title. To get the Guinness record title "Largest parade of pickup trucks" with 638 vehicles total, we will need 639 participating vehicles. Looking at our participants list, we're already theoretically over the needed amount and still count new participants every day!
  • Q: What happens if we don't achieve to get the minimum number of participating vehicles?

    • This event is going to be Europe's and probably the worlds biggest RAM meeting and is held anyway, whatever might happen. But judging by the participants list, we are very sure that we will make it.
  • Q: We have quite a distance to drive and would like to spend more time on the Nürburgring while we're there. Can we stay in a Hotel or bring our camper with us?

    • We suggest our guests with campers oder camper trailers to use the Campingplatz am Nürburgring. If you prefer a hotel, we recommend the Hotel Eifeldorf or the Lindner Ferienpark. These are located directly at the world record track and all participants will get a special discout for the whole weekend. There will be a free bus service in the evening. The event can be perfectly combined with a few days off in the "Eifel" region!
  • Q: Will there be an accompanying programme, a show in the evening or something similar?

    • Yes, it will be held at the Campingplatz am Nürburgring. It is located directly at the world record route and will feature two live bands on stage, drinks, food and a good time!
  • Q: I don't have a RAM and I don't know anybody who does. Can I visit the event as a guest?

    • Of course! All guests are very welcome. The Nürburgring does have a lot to offer, which is why visiting the Nürburgring is worth the travel, even if not participating on the world record attempt. But we are very sure that the huge amount of RAM trucks will be the main attraction on the 5th of November.
  • Q: I have signed up on this website. Am I now officially a participant?

    • Yes! The permit to drive on the Nürburgring, the bib number assignment etc. will be done later on. We highly recommend all participants to register, since this is the easiest and fastest way for us to send news and updates to all participants. Important! It is possible to regsiter as a participant on our Facebook page, but the only official participants list is the one here, on the homepage. Therefore, we kindly ask all participants to register here!
  • Q: I have registered, but unfortunately I cannot participate anymore.

    • We kindly ask you to inform the webmaster in the contact section of the website. We will gladly delete your entry from the participants list, to ensure best possible accuracy of the registered vehicles. If your entry has been deleted and you become able to participate again, you can simply re-register using the same form.
  • Q: I did not register. Can I participate without registering?

    • Of course! Participating does not necessarily need a registration prior to the event. But we highly recommend registering, since all registered participants will automatically enter our mailing list. This is the easiest and fastest way for us to send news and updates to all participants.
  • Q: I did register, but never received a confirmation E-Mail. Now I cannot register again with the same E-Mail address.

    • If this happens, please first check your spam folder for possible mails. Maybe the confirmation e-mail took the wrong turn. If the confirmation mail is not in your spam folder, please contact the webmaster in the contact section of the website. We will gladly activate your registration.
  • Q: I have multiple RAM Pickups, but can only register with one E-Mail address.

    • This is correct, since a single E-Mail address can be used only once. If a participant does own multiple vehicles, he can use multiple E-Mail addresses. It is very important that all E-Mail addresses are valid, since the registration has to be confirmed. If, for any reason, this is not possible, please contact the webmaster in the contact section of the website.
  • Q: We have friends which don't own a RAM, but they want to ride with us in ours.

    • Co-drivers and visitors are very welcome and are allowed to be in your RAM on the GP track. Please note, only vehicles count towards the world record, not the number of visitors participating.
  • Q: Where can our co-drivers sign up?

    • It is not necessary to sign up co-drivers or visitors. We ask you to only sign-up if you own, drive and bring a RAM to the world record attempt. Any falsely registered visitors would impair the accuracy of our participants list.
  • Q: We're leaving from XY. Do you plan a convoy and can we join?

    • It is a nice thing to hear, when RAM friends all over Europe travel to the Nürburgring in convoys. We do not set up convoys and we want to remind you that convoys are regulated by law in some countries. It is possible that a convoy needs to have approvement by an authority. Interested participants can set up convoys in different forums and on facebook.
  • Q: What does the time schedule look like?

    • The world record attempt starts and finishes in the Müllenbachschleife. All times can be found in the schedule.
  • Q: When are we allowed to arrive or leave?

    • Arrival and departure are planned individually. Please keep in mind that the entry procedure and the vehicle check can take up a lot of time. If you're planning to arrive and leave at the same day, please ensure to arrive early, so you can participate hassle-free. All relevant information is listed in the schedule.
  • Q: I only have a seasonal license plate or no winter tires or other date-related questions. Why is the date so late?

    • The Nürburgring is - with good reason - a highly frequented racetrack and does fascinate lots of motorsports fans all over Europe and worldwide. Therefore, the program of the Nürburgring is very tight and sometimes planned years ahead. It would simply not be possible to set the date for the world record attempt in the middle of the summer. That's why we have chosen a date closer to winter.
  • Q: Can I bring my RAM on a trailer?

    • It does not matter for the world record how the vehicles get to the location. All participating vehicles have to drive the given route (in a convoy) by themselves with their own power source/engine and they have to be registered and street legal (see next FAQ question). Towing a trailer on the track is not allowed.
  • Q: I have a RAM, but it is not registered or insured.

    • All participating vehicles must be registered, insured and have their own license plate. The driver must carry a valid drivers license. The german traffic code and german traffic rights apply.
  • Q: Am I allowed to race or go full throttle?

    • Even if the location may make you think that we go speeding with our highly powered vehicles, this is explicitly not the case! Much lower speeds will be driven during the world record attempt. We do care for everyones safety to prevent accidents or dangerous situations. All issued instructions from the safety team must be follwed. If the safety of our event is in danger, for example by driving dangerously or not listening to instructions, the fallible participant can be banned from the world record attempt.
  • Q: But I'm on the Nürburgring - I want to drive fast!

    • We do fully understand that and of course, all participants can book a tourist ride on the Nordschleife and race their vehicle if they want to, without any relation to the world record attempt.
  • Q: We will bring our camping trailer with us. Can we tow it on the track during the world record attempt?

    • No trailers are allowed during the world record attempt on the racetrack. We kindly ask all participants with trailers to park them securely off the track. Camping trailers can be parked on the campground, located immediately next to the Nürburgring.
  • Q: We have a truck-camper. Can we leave it on the pick up?

    • Truck-campers are not allowed in the event area (Müllenbachschleife) and during the world record attempt itself. They have to be left outside the event, for example at the Camping am Nürburgring or on the safe parking area (no overnight stay on the parking). We will have to film the whole event (Guinness guidelines) and a truck-camper might block the view, since we're planning to drive in two lanes side-by-side. The higher center of gravity and the extra width may also be a safety risk in the middle of the vehicle round-up.
  • Q: I'd like to have some flyers to give them to friends, other RAM-owners and to distribute them on US-Car meetings.

  • Q: I would like to have a sticker on my vehicle.

    • Stickers are only distributed in Switzerland. They are not on stock, but will be made upon request. They are available in different sizes and colors and they can be fixed to your vehicle by us, if an agreement was made. The plotter data to plot the stickers yourself is available from us. If you are interested, please mail us to
  • Q: Can I use my (camera) drone on the event?

    • Unfortunately, private drones are forbidden. Drones became very popular recently and we cannot give permissions for dozens of drones to fly around. It is also a safety and insurance issue.
  • Q: Where does the idea for this world record attempt come from?

    • The Guinness World Record for the "biggest RAM trucks round up" was set last year in the USA. Multiple members in a german forum have stated that we all could do that better. This is the moment where the idea was born. We highly hope to reveice the certificate from Guinness World Records on the 5h of November and show the "Americans" that we in Europe also love Pickup trucks!
  • Q: Who is the team behind all that?

    • We are a little team from different countries in Central Europe. We all have one thing in common: Our hobby is our RAM trucks. We spend lots of hours of our free time for the world record attempt and do so voluntary. is clearly no company and we do not crave for profit. We're reliant on our generous sponsors to be able to make the world record attempt happen. All current contact persons are listed in the contact section.